Sensei Denis Koltsov (5th Dan) - Founder and Grading Examiner

Denis Koltsov is a 5th dan in Shito-ryu Karate-do KOFUKAN. He holds a number of British Universities, regional, national and international karate titles. He started Karate in France under the instruction of Sensei Jean-Marc Ortega. Having moved to Cambridge in 1994, he trained and taught at Cambridge University Karate Club for 10 years and at Lancaster University Karate Club for 4 years. Denis is training under the instruction of Sensei Keiji Tomiyama. He has over 26 years of teaching and coaching experience with students reaching international champion standards.

Teaching and Coaching

Our instructors are passionate about teaching, coaching and mentoring. We helped hundreds of karate students reach their potentials. Some of them went on to compete for England and other teams. The lessons are based on traditional Japanese training with a number of fitness, conditioning, stretching, tactical drills, sparring, form, games for kids and more.


Fitness is one of the key aspects of any sport discipline including karate. Basic body training and conditioning must be done on a regular basis. Our training sessions aim at building the strength and fitness through repetition of karate combinations, kata, sparring and direct physical exercises like situps, squats, etc. Some people start training with us just to get fit and it works. So if you are looking to get toned or lose a bit of weight then come along and talk to our instructor.

Flexibility and stretching

Just like the strength and body fitness are the key to correct practice of karate, the stretching and general body flexibility is of high importance. Most kicks require good hip flexibility and we work on stretching regularly. If you find this picture worrying, please don't. You will not be expected to do that. In fact every student is coached through stretching methodology individually and no previous experience or prerequisites are required.

Classes for Kids

We welcome kids from 6 years of age to train with us. We recognise that karate is meant to be fun as well as educative for younger students. For that reason we incorporate martial art related games and contests. These games are so popular that we are regularly asked to run special sessions for kids over the summer break.


There are several major competition rule sets around the world. The most widely used are the World Karate Federation (WKF) rules. The competitions are conducted in Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring). Both contests are challenging in their own right. The WKF rules allow adults as well as kids to compete amongst their age group or weight category. Although it is impossible to remove all the risk while fighting it is possible to minimise it and WKF rules do just that. We wear WKF approved mits to our fighting training sessions so any blows (especially to the head) are as safe as possible. There are special rules for under 15 years old not allowing ANY contact to the head during the sparring match making it a very safe way of bringing younger generations into competition fighting. Lancaster clubs have performs very well on national and international competitions (see our twitter posts).

How to Join us

For all new members we offer: 2 First sessions FREE Just come to one of our sessions and try it out. Please ask the instructor for more information and application forms.

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