About Lancaster and Morecambe Kofukan Karate Club

Lancaster and Morecambe Kofukan Karate Club also known as "LMKKC" was created in 2007. We train in Lancaster . We practise Kofukan Shito-Ruy Karate-do style (one of the most widely known Karate styles in the world). Practice of Kata (form), Kumite (sparing) and self-defence applications makes the basis of club's training. Mental, technical and physical development of each member of the club is our priority. The club has a very friendly and supportive atmosphere for kids and adults alike. Kids sessions are often filled with karate-related games.

Please note that this club is nolonger operating physical sessions due to Covid-19 situation. We run our sessions online and keep training regardless of the situation.

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Where and when do we train?

We are reshaping our club and our training. Our sessions will be online only for now. Please check this site and our Twitter for announcements.

We are committed to respecting your privacy. This notice is to explain how we may use personal information we collect before, during and after your membership with us.

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How to Join us

For all new members we offer: 2 First sessions FREE Just come to one of our sessions and try it out. Please ask the instructor for more information and application forms.

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Contact the instructor on